Remember there was almost another twilight book but someone leaked it so Stephanie Meyer refused to finish and I’m 98% sure it was Robert Pattinson and god bless him

the Teen Wolf cast at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

During a game of ‘Sibling-wed,’ it’s revealed that Chris once tricked his younger brother (Scott) into peeing his pants. x


au: whoops another adoption au




we need to talk about this



Isaac: That does not sound like a sheep.
Derek: It’s from his mom’s side.


Isaac: That does not sound like a sheep.

Derek: It’s from his mom’s side.

Marvel Charades with Anthony Mackie (x)

If I’m in Avengers 2, everyone will know it ‘cause I’m gonna run through Times Square butt ass naked with Avengers 2 tattooed across my chest.

Anthony Mackie, on whether Marvel could keep him being in AVENGERS 2 secret (x)

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#I desperately need a scene like this to happen again #because back in season one Stiles was still scared of Derek #this was their first real interaction and Stiles pulled back when Derek leaned in #I want this to happen again #now when they’re not strangers anymore #I want Derek to get arrested and put in the cruiser on the crime scene #and Stiles to tell his dad that he needs to talk to Derek #and the sheriff says he’s got five minutes and goes to hold up the other cops #and Stiles sneaks into the police car where Derek is handcuffed in the back #and they both lean in without hesitation #Stiles pressing his hand to the grill #and they exchange important information because they trust each other and Stiles promises the pack will get him out #and maybe Derek rests his forehead against the fence with a sigh #mumbling ‘I know you will’ #and Stiles has no idea if he means the whole pack or him specifically #then their five minutes are up